Aminat K.C. Wilder, CMS-CHt, FIBH

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Putting your subconscious mind to work for you…


About Me

I am a Certified Medical Support and Clinical Hypnotherapist (CMS-CHt) and member of the International Board of Hypnotherapy. I have an Associates degree in Clinical Medical Assisting with related expertise in crisis management, risk assessment and over 11 years of serving people with chronic mental illness, and am NHA Certified; a Masters in Physical Education and Sports Training and a Masters of Arts in Russian Literature, Linguistics and Education. I am a certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Coach and have competed in over 20 bodybuilding shows with multiple 1st place rankings and a 2nd place ranking in a world cup natural bodybuilding show.

My knowledge in Human anatomy and personal experience as a competitive athlete gives me an advantage as a hypnotherapist when working with clients looking for improved athletic performance and weight management.

I also offer sessions for Natal, Interlife, and Past Life Regression Therapy and am passionate about helping anyone, with any goal, who  is ready to take responsibility for their personal healing journey.


Hypnosis is a natural, yet altered state of mind creating extraordinary mental, emotional and physical relaxation.


Where Hypnotherapy Can Be Applied

  • Emotional Healing/Relationships

  • Life Purpose/Prosperity

  • Athletic Performance

  • Metaphysical Studies/Past Life Therapy

  • Medical Support Hypnotherapy

How Life Can Be

  • Without self-sabbotage

  • Without self-limiting beliefs and ideas

  • All your goals are achieved

  • Lose that weight

  • Get that job

  • Ability to be self empowered, self healing and transforming

  • We are born HAPPY

  • Break out of those patterns

What hypnotherapy has to do with it

  • 90-95% of life is subconscious

  • We have an incredible resource, hypnosis gives us access

  • Put your subconscious mind to work for you

  • Ability to reprogram the mind

  • Change things at the causal level, not just symptoms

  • No coping mechanisms or bandages 


“We are perception healers” —as hypnotherapists


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